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Welcome to the Vegreville Agricultural Society:

The Vegreville Agricultural Society’s primary focus was to promote and improve various types of livestock, grain and homemaking skills in a social environment. This aspect remains to this date and has grown to include an annual exhibition and fair, ongoing educational courses and many community sponsored events.

Our mission statement:  “To promote agricultural ideals, education and entertainment for community enrichment as a volunteer organization”


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2018 Presidents Report


            I’m pleased to be able to provide this report to you as your President of the Vegreville Agricultural Society for 2018.

            2018 was another successful year for VAS as we carried on with our many activities and I want to give a huge shout of thanks to the dedication of our Directors, members, staff, family and friends who volunteer to ensure the success of our organization!

            Our big events for the year saw the introduction of a new and successful event with the addition of the Viterra Spring Chuckwagon & Chariot Races held at the beginning of June.  The Veg Auto & Industrial / Bumper to Bumper Father’s Day Event that we Co-Host with the Vegreville Iron Runners continues to be a highlight for many and the year to year increase in attendance is a testimony to its success.  Our main event, the Agritterra Country Fair saw great attendance in spite of the heat wave we experienced in August. Our 3 day event provided the wide variety of activities and entertainment that we are proud to give our community.

            As with many organizations in rural communities, VAS would not be able to provide the quality events that we do, without the generosity of our many dedicated sponsors!  We thank all who support us and trust us to work on their behalf.

            Most of you are aware of the changes and challenges that we have had to face over this past year, starting last fall with our long standing Office Manager, Cathy Freed, unexpectedly retiring from Vegreville Agricultural Society to pursue other interests.  In her place, we welcomed Anita Kuffert to VAS to fill the challenging role as our new Office Manager.  As we tried to provide guidance and direction to Anita during this transition, we identified some opportunities for us to advance VAS both structurally and sustainably which will be an ongoing task for the Board of Directors.  Adding to the complexity of a successful transition, we were saddened to have to find someone to finish Tracy Giffin’s last year of her 2 year term as President.  Coming in as Tracy’s replacement, I continue to be grateful to our group for stepping up to the extra load placed on our Board, Executive Committee, and new Office Manager, while being patient and supportive of me as President during this transition.  As we ended another busy year, we again had to give our thanks, farewell and best wishes to our Office Manager as Anita decided to move on to another opportunity here in Vegreville.  We were fortunate to quickly identify and hire another suitable replacement.  In September, we welcomed Jocelyn Svensen to our organization as our current Office Manager and we look forward to working with her for years to come!

            Even though Cathy retired from VAS, we owe her a huge Thank You for her continued support and guidance by making herself available to help both Anita and now Jocelyn to settle into their role with us.  She has willingly and actively offered her assistance to make sure we continue to function effectively during our journey to establishing a new Office Manager.

            As a long serving Director, I’m excited to continue serving the Vegreville Agricultural Society for many years to come!  I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to everyone who has worked towards the success of our Society and events, as well as for your support for me as your President!!


Daryl Tuck