The Bandshell at the Vegreville Country Fair highlights fresh and extremely talented individuals from around the province.   Come enjoy and experience some of the best new entertainment this province has to offer.


Thursday evening 10 pm"The Good Goodbyes"
Friday evening 10 pm"Carter and the Capitals"
Saturday 2 pm & 9 pm"Danielle Deighton"
"Maria Phillipos"
"Soap Box Duo"
"Funk Velvet"
(Note: Order of the performances may vary)

Thursday Bandshell  at 10 pm

Good Goodbyes-2016

The Good Goodbyes
The Good Goodbyes are an Edmonton based R&B, rock band that is bringing a fresh, new sound to the Alberta music scene. This five piece band is made up of Jessika Harling on lead vocals, Eric Wildeman on electric guitar, Edwin de Goeij on keyboard, Kody Cole on bass and Joel Payne on drums. Each member is enrolled in MacEwan University’s Bachelor program of Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music. Their songs demonstrate a very eclectic range of genres such as R&B, funk, blues, pop, rock, and soul. The Good Goodbyes are known for their groovy feel and their powerhouse vocals. Earlier this year they released their debut single “Blue Eyed Stranger”. They are now recording their first EP, set to be released in October 2016.


Friday Bandshell at 10 pm

Carter & the Capitals-2016
Carter and the Capitals
Formed in 2014, Carter & the Capitals are a high energy, five piece funk-pop group based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The band is currently an active member of Alberta’s vibrant and growing music scene. Known for their signature, hard driving sound, soulful vocals and catchy instrumental riffs, the Capitals fuse the most danceable elements of the pop and funk genres. The Capitals’ original material brings to mind artists such as Prince, James Brown and Parliament Funkadelic.
Carter & the Capitals are currently working on creating a 6 song EP to be released in the fall of 2016. The Capitals have recently released two singles from this EP entitled “Guilty” and “The Roller” which were recorded at Edmontone Studios in downtown Edmonton.


Saturday Bandshell at 2 pm & 9 pm


Danielle Deighton
Danielle Deighton was a country girl at heart, until she discovered her love for blues and soul, and a whole new sound emerged from the young artist; a perfect match to her deeply dark vocal style and dynamic songwriting. The release of her first EP, “Map,” in November 2014 is reminiscent of a young artist trying on different genres to find the perfect fit. After six years she now feels at home in the blues/folk genre. Although Deighton was born and raised in Calgary, she now resides in Edmonton, AB for eight months out of the year as a drama/education student at the University of Alberta. Deighton can be seen playing at venues and open mic circuits in Edmonton and Calgary as well as part of the line up at the Southern Alberta Music Festival for the past two summers. In May 2015, Deighton celebrated winning second place at the Calgary Folk Fest & Ship & Anchor songwriting contest for her song “Started with a Kiss.”


Saturday Bandshell at 2 pm & 9 pm

Maria Phillipos-2016

Maria Phillipos
At the age of nineteen, Maria Phillipos is a powerful Pop/Rock artist from Edmonton, Alberta with a passion for performing and composition. Maria is nothing but honest, proving to be raw and genuine in her songwriting and performances. Maria discovered her need for music at an early age through classical piano. Although the strict guidelines of a classical program seemed to restrain Maria’s energetic personality, she loved the piano too much to give it up and has since been rewarded her Grade Ten RCM Certificate. She has continued to grow as a musician by songwriting, refining her vocal abilities, learning guitar, and studying music theory. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Music at Grant MacEwan University where she formed her band. Together, they frequently perform at various venues and festivals in and around the Edmonton area. Maria started working on her first EP, titled “After Dark” in May 2015 and in January 2016, released it to a sold-out crowd. After Dark contains seven intimate songs she has written about loss, love, and self-discovery with haunting melodies and honest lyrics. The EP has received radio play on CJSR and has been featured in YEG Music Magazine, YEG Music Mixtape, and YEG Local Live Music. Maria is known for her enigmatic voice and lyrics beyond her years. With a bright future ahead, Maria is just getting started and is already building the foundation for a successful music career.


Saturday Bandshell at 2 pm & 9 pm

Soap Box-2016

Soap Box Duo
Alexander and Jenesa MacMullin are newlywed’s who recently began performing as Soap Box Duo out of Spruce Grove, Alberta. The two met while studying music at Edmonton’s MacEwan University; he as a guitarist and she as a vocalist. Their passion is to use music as their ‘soap box’ to encourage and inspire others toward justice. The couple writes and performs about topics that stir their hearts, from personal experiences to being an empathetic voice for the voiceless. With a folk/rock sound, hinting of pop and jazz, these two create catchy melodies and unique instrumentation as a foundation for their lyrics. Lyrics that they hope will be both heard and felt by their listeners.


Saturday Bandshell at 2 pm & 9 pm


Funk Velvet
Funk Velvet is an energetically groovy trio of young and hip artists, based out of Edmonton, AB, who generally play funk, but who often delve into a variety of other tasty genres such as jazz, swing, R&B, blues, rock and what ever else floats their boat. The group was started in 2009 by Nico Humby and Federico Sacchi, and evolved over the years to become a trio composed of Nico Humby, Taylor Rault and Gareth Gilliland. Taylor and Gareth played together in the Littlebirds Big Band at the Yardbird Suite, where they grew to become strong and technically accomplished jazz musicians. Funk Velvet began writing songs inspired by groups such as Led Zeppelin, the Meters and various others spanning over a variety of genres. Over the years, they have hosted and played several concerts at Cha Island and they regularly perform Saturday mornings at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market. They released their first album, “Tasty Snacks” in March 2016.