The Bandshell at the Vegreville Country Fair highlights fresh and extremely talented individuals from around the province.   Come enjoy and experience some of the best new entertainment this province has to offer.

2017 Bandshell Performances

Thursday Aug. 10
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm  – Local Talent
9:15 pm – Off Ramp Boys

Friday Aug. 11
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Local Talent
9:15 pm – Sam Lundell

Saturday Aug. 12   
2:00 pm   First Impressions – Emerging Talent Showcase
9:00 pm   First Impressions – Emerging Talent Showcase

Off Ramp Boys

Other bands may be more musically gifted, or have actual hit songs on the radio, or maybe even have better hair. But the is one thing that no other band in Vegreville can match –  height. With a combined height of over 24 feet, the Off Ramp Boys can both entertain you AND get things off the top shelf at the Co-op.
That’s lucky, because the Boys like to think of themselves as musical equivalents of the the Co-op. The kind of Co-op where you can purchase your groceries, an oil filter for the tractor, and a bag of chicken feed at the same till. In the spirit of the Co-op, the Off Ramp Boys offer everything from old country to new country to rock to bluegrass to Canadian fiddle tunes. So the Off Ramp Boys are like Co-op: If they don’t have it, you don’t need it!
The Off Ramp Boys are Gordon Forbes on lead guitar, lead vocalist Randy Kereliuk, drummer Rob Hughes, and bassist/fiddler/mandolinist Ralph Lange. All are from Vegreville. The origin of the band goes way back to 2014, a time when the the Boys tended to show up at the same places to dust ceiling fans, screw in light bulbs, paint the ceiling and play music.  Examples include open mic nights at the Vegreville Train Station or at  Perogies and Jam events. None of us can really remember when or who first uttered the fateful words “Hey, let’s form a band”, but whenever that was, it was around then that someone asked the name of that “guy who lives beside the off-ramp into Vegreville”, meaning Randy. And so, Vegreville’s tallest band, the Off Ramp Boys, was born.

Sam Lundell

Sam Lundell began his musical endeavours studying violin at the age of five and quickly added musical theatre, piano, dance, vocals and guitar to his repertoire.  Sam’s eclectic musical tastes range from Classical, Singer/Songwriter, Folk to Pop, Blues, Indie, Gospel and Rock.A few musical highlights for Sam over the past several  years include playing on stage with one of his musical heroes, Jon Foreman and his band Switchfoot, opening for Brett Kissel and joining Brett on stage at a number of major Fundraisers hosted by business mogul and philanthropist, Brett Wilson. These gigs raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Women’s Shelter’s, The Calgary Food Bank and various Adolescent Mental Health Associations! Sam’s first single “EVERYTHING”, released in 2016, was selected as StoryHive Alberta’s winning Small Town Music Video and received the Top Award of a residency scholarship to the Ban; Centre valued at $10,000!A=er wrapping up his summer gigs around Alberta and Saskatchewan, including stages at the Calgary Stampede, Streetfest Lloydminster, and the Dog Patch Music Festival, Sam will settle into his two week residency at the Ban; Center to finish recording his first album.


First Impressions – Emerging Talent Showcase Featuring

Ben Hook

Ben Hooke is a singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. He explores a vintage sound of rock inspired folk music. He is here to bring you all your folk-rock needs and cheer you up when you’re craving a song about the Devil.

David Unsworth

David Unsworth is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter based out of Edmonton, Alberta. He combines intricate lyricism with rhythmic guitar, soaring vocals and a loop station to create personal, thought provoking songs, while still giving listeners a reason to dance.


Dempsey Bolton
Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Dempsey Bolton is an indie singer songwriter. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, Dempsey fuses vocal inspiration from his Soul / R&B roots with ambient instrumentals to carve out a niche in the singer songwriter genre. Currently, Dempsey is also in the studio recording his first EP which will be released in late 2017.


Justin Perkins

Justin Perkins is an Edmonton musician who originally hails from Legal, Alberta; his small-town roots are evident in his music, reminiscent of the down-to-earth lyricism of John Prine and the mournful country sounds of Gram Parsons. His added streak of reckless rock ‘n’ roll is indebted to influences from The Stones to Bob Dylan. Justin’s interactive and often humorous performances can catch you off guard and leave you laughing, even between broken-hearted tunes.