Facility Rental

                             VEGREVILLE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY


                                         RENTAL RATES
                                (GST included in all prices)

                                                                                                Non-profit                   Profit

Boardroom     All day meeting (~ 8 hours)                            $75                          $125               

  Morning, afternoon or evening                                              $40                           $75                 

Dining Hall                                                                                          $300/day plus 50% damage deposit

Use of hall, appliances and washroom facility.

Synergy Centre                                                                                  $150/day plus 50% damage deposit
Includes use of public washroom.

Exhibit Hall                                                                                         $100/day plus 50% damage deposit
Use of hall and washroom facility.


Usage of grounds Monday to Friday                                                  $500/day plus 50% damage deposit

Grounds with use of powered camping M-F                                      $550/day plus 50% damage deposit

Usage of grounds Weekends and Holidays                                        $700/day plus 50% damage deposit

Grounds with use of powered camping Weekend & Holidays        $750/day plus 50% damage deposit

Camping                                                                                                  $25/night power

Stalls and use of public washrooms                                                    $15/night no power


Use of grandstand, no props or background included                       $150/day plus 50% damage deposit


Due to COVID-19, rental spaces are not guaranteed