Our mission statement:  “To promote agricultural ideals, education and entertainment for community enrichment as a volunteer organization”


In 1903 the Vermilion Valley and Beaver Lake Agricultural Society was formed. In 1924 the name changed to the Vegreville Exhibition Association Ltd. which then in 1983 evolved to the Vegreville Agricultural Society.

The Vegreville Agricultural Society provides a valuable link between urban and rural residents in Vegreville and its surrounding communities. Our Mission Statement is:  “To promote agricultural ideals, education and entertainment for community enrichment as a volunteer organization”.

The Society holds a five day “Country Fair” in August. Activities commence with a parade down main street and from there patrons can come to the grounds where they’ll find a multitude of fun and exciting activities. There is a midway, grandstand shows, chuckwagon and chariot races, a Marketplace, outdoor commercial exhibits, a bench show and a light horse show, to mention just a few.

The society partners with the Vegreville Iron Runners Car Club to bring a fun and fantastic event on Father’s Day each year. From the “smash‘em up” demolition derby to viewing the beauty of many classic cars at the Show and Shine something is bound to catch your family’s interest.

The society encourages the development of youth. We sponsor the many Vegreville 4-H Clubs financially and by providing venues for club meetings, clinics and Achievement Days. The society provides funding for various leadership and personal development courses, such as People Developing People and LTCS in 4-H and Leadership Conferences for the area high school councils.

The Vegreville Agricultural Society!

A large part of our events are held within our own infrastructure. From May through August these facilities are booked with family and grad reunions, the Pysanka Festival, horse events and jamborees. The main office hosts a boardroom that can fit 25 people and is rented much of the year. From October to April the larger buildings house trailers and vehicles as our facilities are not winterized.

Through holding events, sponsoring youth and participating in community events, the Vegreville Agricultural Society fulfills the needed link between urban and rural residents of the Vegreville area thus building a stronger rural community.